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At harvest time , the best part of the must is fermented separately. This winemaking produces the wines of the wine estates which are distinguished by their finesse and aromatic persistence.

A special selection dedicated to fine dining and prestigious wine shops. This special selection comes from the free-run juice ( best part of the must ) of our best grapes.


The new philosophy of the Winery aims at enhancing more and more the peculiarity and uniqueness of the Tufo terroir, characterized by a rich mosaic of vineyards, each with its own specific identity.
It is precisely from this perspective that the estate has launched on the market a Selection of our single vineyards of Greco di Tufo DOCG, made by some of its most expressive vineyards: “Colle Serrone”, “Vigna Laure” and “Vigna Ortale”.

Thanks to the evolutionary potential of wines made from Greco grapes, these products, before being released on the market, they spend another year aging in the bottle in the optimal environment of our Historical Cellars.

Greco di Tufo at its best.