A special selection dedicated to fine dining and prestigious wine shops. This special selection comes from free-run must (the best part of the must ) of our best, hand-picked grapes.

At harvest time , the best part of the must is fermented separately. This winemaking produces wines which are distinguished by their finesse and aromatic persistence.


“Stemma” and “Palazzo” lines

The “Palazzo” line is the label with which our wines have been sold for a great many years on the Italian market. It has become synonymous of tradition and excellent price quality ratio. These wines have a superb freshness and a surprising length to them. They are ideal wines for everyday meals and aperitif.

The “Stemma” line was developed to respond to the need of a more modern packaging to catch the eye of a consumer overwhelmed by the enormous choice of wines on the shelves of stores and supermarkets. This line is having a great success in the US market.